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Sustainable Beachwear Brands For Summer

Sustainable Beachwear Brands For Summer

Summer is coming (thankfully!) which means its time to start planning our summer wardrobe. For some of us this involves the tricky task of find the perfect swimsuit, a task that most women dread.

Finding swimwear that is flattering from all angles, looks like it did online, lifts, supports and conceals in all the right places sometimes seems like an impossible task. The worst thing is the swimsuits that made you feel like a million dollars last year don't always have the same effect this time round, which makes the search of the perfect bikini or swimsuit seemingly endless. Add that on top of looking for brands that eco-conscious and the search becomes even tougher!

Luckily with more brands taking note of the rising demand for eco-conscious clothing, that also make women feel confident and beautiful our swimwear prayers may have been answered. So, below are a number of ethical swimwear brands that you may just fall in love with.

1. Vitamin A

You know you see some swimwear and you get instantly want everything... well you fall into that trap with Vitamin A. The thing about Vitamina A that makes it one of my favourites is that you could easily mistake it as being a new luxury brand, this is because they have made sustainability sexy and beach ready, which is great because it means that you can look amazing on the beach whilst also knowing your wearing swimwear that doesn't good for mother nature too.

2. Vege Threads

'We care about the world we live in and as such we try and thread lightly, keeping things simple and made local' This is one of the first thing you see when you go on Vege Threads website so you know that they are no nonsense when it comes to sustainability practices. Vege's Threads manufacturers all their swimwear in Australia and commit to transparency and ethical manufacturing along the supply chain, all whilst providing their customers with beautiful garments that are sure to last. Find out more about their ethos and shop their collection here.

3. Aurai Swimwear

Based in New Zealand, Aurai produces high quality pieces designed to flatter a variety of body shapes whilst letting you to embrace your inner babe babe. Although based in New Zealand, Aurai manufacturing occurs in southern Brazil and supports local businesses by using locally sourced materials in support of local businesses. Aurai believes that every little helps and that it takes small visionaries and independently owned brands to blaze the trail of sustainable and responsible fashion. Browse their collection here.

4. Jets Swimwear

Jets Swimwear believes in the philosophy that swimwear should enhance every woman's natural curves to create the most flattering silhouette. With every woman wanting to look her absolute best and fee confidence when strutting her stuff on the beach it doesn't get much better than this, especially as Jets is a long term signatory to the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation process that ensures supply chains remain transparent and in line with relevant Australian laws. This way you know exactly where you swimwear comes from and the conditions in which your swimwear is made.

Jets Swim.jpg

5. Koru Swimwear

Koru, from the New Zealand Mouri word for 'spiral' signifying new life, hope, spiritual growth and peace incorporates Earth values into each piece of their swimwear. Each piece is designed to incorporate regenerated material such as polyamide or discarded products like fishing nets that harm sea life and habitats when dumped in oceans. View their collection here.


6. Greenlee Swim

Greenlee swim was created with one mission in mind 'to create minimal, yet well designed swimwear that has a positive impact on the planet'. With that in mind, all their swimwear is made with 82-83% with Greenness also making a conscious effort to partner with local and global organisations in an effect to further the company's positive impact on wider society.

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