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Plastic Free July

How did your plastic July go? For many of us we wonder what the next steps are after we have swapped to reusables (bags and cups) and avoided plastics in supermarkets, which is why this post lists some of our favourite books that help us to explore the way we view our relationship with plastics. Each book takes on a different perspective regarding plastics, whether it’s following a true life story how one woman kicked her plastic habit, the history of plastics and how they came to be or how plastic has been used to empower communities - every read is unique!

What Does It Mean To Be An Activist?

The power of the internet and social media means that everyone has ability to be activist or more accurately for most people, a social media activist. But does this new-found access to your so-called voice mean that the definition of ‘activist’ has become somewhat diluted? In this article we explore what it means to be an activist in todays modern society and highlight some of the big themes that are causing people to take a stance for what they believe in.

International Women’s Day 2019

Today marks International Women’s Day – a global celebration of women and the movement towards gender equality. With the momentum of the #MeToo movement still going strong, a record number of women, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, Jahana Hayes, Rashida Tlaib, Sharice Davids, and Veronica Escobar elected into US congress during the 2018 mid-terms and women fighting for their rights now more than ever, this International Women’s Day is even more special and important.

This year’s theme, #BalanceForBetter, however goes a step further and calls for a more gender-balanced world. Living in the Western world, where women are given the freedom to be very vocal about their entitlement to equality, it is difficult at times to remember that this is not the case worldwide.

Hemp That... How Hemp Can Shape Your Sustainable Lifestyle Needs

Hemp has always been seen as the cornerstone of sustainability. 

Hemp based products have always acted a as signal to the world that you are embracing a sustainable lifestyle, the only problem is that many of us still associate hemp with burlap sacks and bad interpretations of boho chic. We know some of you may think that no way there is no way that you could bring yourself to shop hemp because of all the fashion faux pas that it represents, which is why we are sharing with you some other ways that you can incorporate hemp into your lifestyle.

We've Declared It... The War on Plastics

Looking around my house right now, plastics are everywhere. How do we avoid them at this point? Even by making conscious decisions to limit our plastic consumption, it seems like we simply can’t get away from them. This post is all about the effect that plastics are having on the planet and what actions are being taken in order to win this ongoing war.

What The Repeal Of The 8th Amendment Means For Ireland

On Friday, I posted on Instagram that it was big day for Ireland with their upcoming referendum on the 8th amendment, which if repealed would legalise abortion in Ireland, a procedure that was previously only carried out if the mother’s life is at risk but not in cases of ‘rape, incest or fatal fetal abnormality’. 

With it being revealed over the weekend that the decision to overturn the referendum won by a landslide, 66% to 33%, what does this mean for Ireland?

The #freeperiods Campaign

When it comes to that time of month, many of us don’t like to talk about it. Just the thought of our period (yes, I said it) fills us with dread. For the unlucky among us it causes excruciatingly painful cramps, for others it causes us to run to the loo way more than we would ever like to admit, either way it’s an uncomfortable time for any woman where we never quite feel ourselves and absolutely can’t wait to get over. The availability of feminine hygiene products is never a thought that crosses my mind which is where the #freeperiods  campaign comes in.  A campaign headed by 18 year old Amika George who says girls on free school meals should get free sanitary products, yet the Conservative government have done nothing about it. To highlight the issue, she's organised a peaceful protest in London and is calling on Theresa May to eliminate period poverty.

Why Is It So Hard To Shop Sustainably?

Happy Halloween ! We all want shop sustainable but what stops us from doing so? For many of us the main hurdle may be price so this blog post takes a look at how we can shop sustainably without putting too much pressure on your purse strings and almost whether or not sustainable fashion will ever really become affordable. Click the link to read more! 

How To Help Victims Of The Recent Natural Disasters

With everything in the news lately regarding all the natural disasters that are occurring, we think that is only appropriate that we decide this post to disaster victims and how to help them. Please take care when donating online as unfortunately some people still choose to take advantage of the situation by posted potential scams. I have included the links to some trusted websites but please do remain alert.

Are We Really Making A Difference?

We've probably all had that one person who says 'what's the point, you're not going to change anything.' Not only does such a comment anger you, as it does me, but it also makes you begin to question (even if it is a few days later) - do my actions make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things? Read more on the blog

Are We Losing Our Human Touch?

To what extent are we becoming distanced from society? Think about it, how many times have been tempted to have a cosy night in? Snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of tea or even a glass of wine about to binge on your favourite TV series or read a good book rather than venturing out in the unpredictable London weather to meet with a friend, that you could just as easily 'Whats App' or call?

I know I've been guilty of this before.

But with artificial intelligence (AI) on the rise, will we soon reach a point where we were go beyond this and in actuality actively choose to interact with an AI that is tailored to our needs and personality traits over a real life human, who if we are honest at times aren't always perfect? Beyond this, are we reaching a point where we will begin to depend on AIs for our intimate relationships and satisfaction too?  This latest post explores how out of touch we as a society have become and the potential consequences of this.

How It Feels To Be A Woman At Night

I'm sure any ladies who read this can relate. As a woman, I won't lie to you, sometimes I feel scared when walking home alone at night. It doesn't matter if I am walking for 2 minutes or 20, I am scared. Don't get me, wrong, I live in a safe suburban area but I still acknowledge that it is a very real possibility that one day with no warning at all something could very bad could happen to me. With all the news stories we hear about rape and sexual assault, let's look at what it really feels like to be woman alone at night.

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

Hello, Friday!! Woo, woo! So far the weekend looks like it's going to be a scorcher which means summer dresses and shorts at the ready. The hot weather also means that you've probably started to reassess your summer wardrobe, with most of the clothes you bought last year not making the cut this year. In that case, this post is perfect for you! Read here about how to get rid of your old clothes sustainably and even make some money along the way!

What Does Trump Pulling Out of the Paris Agreement Mean For the Rest of Us?

On June 1st President of the United States, Donald Trump, made the announcement that the United States would no longer support the Paris Climate deal.

Given Trump's previous skeptical attitudes towards the validity of man made global warming, it comes as no surprise really that one of his earliest actions as President was to withdraw the USA from the Paris Agreement set fourth to lower emissions and take on greener policies in order to reduce global warming to an optimistic 2 degrees.

What does Trumps decision mean for the rest of us and further still the environment? As the the second largest contributor to carbon emitter, Trump's withdrawal is well, a pretty big deal. Trump's action signal to the rest of the world that  he doesn't care about reducing emissions and at the point isn't even bothering to pretend to care about reducing them i.e. he doesn't give thatch of a f*ck about the Planet.

Has 2017 Made Us Too Sensitive?

With public scrutiny being at an all time high, has society's free of speech and opinion now developed a nasty side? With social media being quick to jump onto any missed word or action, whether the intention was malicious or not, has it caused people to be scared to say how they really feel? 

Mental Health Awareness Week

Today marks one of the final days of 'Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW)'. MHAW aims to educate and increase awareness about mental health illness and encourages people to look at mental health from a new angle, to understand why so many people are living with mental health problems and the struggles that they may face. 

Chimamanda Ngozi Transwomen Backlash

Last month, Chimamanda Ngozi faced backlash over comments that she made regarding the extent to which transgender women fit in with the definition of what it means to be a woman. Although her comments were seen as controversial to some, Chimamanda has opened up an important discussion on what does it means to mean to be a woman.

The Disappearing Coral Reef

For years scientists have been warning us about the declining state of our coral reefs due to damaging human activities such as climate change, pollution and overfishing. Regardless we are still continuing to lose coral reefs at an alarming rate. Read here to see how climate change is negatively impacting the world around us and what can be done to reduce the risks that it poses.