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FAQs about Marrakech

FAQs about Marrakech

Below I've included some of the questions that crossed my mind when I first travelled to Morocco, so hopefully these will be useful to any of you looking to plan a trip! If there is anything I have missed out or you want more information about feel free to comment below!

1. What do you wear?

Generally as a rule, I dressed rather conservatively out of respect for their religion and culture. This meant nothing above the knee and I would through on a light scarf or cover up over any sleeveless tops. Most people seemed to do the same too! 

2. Are the souks expensive?

Being a tourist, they do try to rip you off but this is where haggling comes in and you cant be afraid to do it. Like I said in my previous posts, haggling is basically an olympic sport here, so have some fun with it! Not only will you end up getting a great deal but you may also get some giggles out of it!

3. Are the taxis expensive?

When getting a taxi, make sure to ask that they put the metre on. Without doing so, the taxi drivers can charge you a much higher rate than you would normally pay. 

4. How do you get around?

Luckily our riad was pretty close to the main market place, Jemaa El Fna, so it was easy to walk to the souks and popular restaurants. However in general it is easy to get around, I would recommend downloading the offline maps from Google so you can easily locate landmarks and you can also get taxis around town, especially in busy areas. 

5. Where are the best places to watch the sunset?

Cafe de Paris and Nomad have great rooftops but I would recommend Cafe de Paris or the surrounding restaurants because it offers a great view of the sunset over the medina.

6. Would you recommend a riad or hotel?

It completely depends on what you're after! If you want to be immersed in the Moroccan way of living then a riad is a great way to experience this, plus they are absolutely beautiful! Hotels offer a more westernised experience, so if you're used to your creature comforts then may be a great option for you.

7. What are you top 3 recommendations of things to do whilst in Morocco?

I haven't explored Morocco as much as I would like quite yet! But based on this trip I would recommend - the Marjorelle Gardens, a trip to Scarabeo Camp and the souks! Next time I want to make a trip to the 'Blue City' aka Chefchaouen

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