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Is Birth Control Sexist?

I remember when I was considering the getting the hormonal implant one of the questions during my initial consultation was 'Were you in any way pressured by your partner into getting this form of contraceptive?' My first thought was 'wtf, seriously?!' but then I thought well, doesn't that really say it all, we really do live in a society where the type of (or lack there of) contraception we as women use is really governed by men.

As women, a lot of pressure to guard against unwanted pregnancies rests on our shoulders, is it fair - no, of course not but is it the reality yes. In this article I discuss the importance of reading around different types of hormonal conception and most importantly ensuring that you make a decision that YOU, yes YOU are happy and comfortable with. This is not a a lash out against hormonal contraceptives, just simply highlighting that they are not to to be something taken lightly because after all our 'body is a temple' right. 



Has 2017 Made Us Too Sensitive?

With public scrutiny being at an all time high, has society's free of speech and opinion now developed a nasty side? With social media being quick to jump onto any missed word or action, whether the intention was malicious or not, has it caused people to be scared to say how they really feel? 

Chimamanda Ngozi Transwomen Backlash

Last month, Chimamanda Ngozi faced backlash over comments that she made regarding the extent to which transgender women fit in with the definition of what it means to be a woman. Although her comments were seen as controversial to some, Chimamanda has opened up an important discussion on what does it means to mean to be a woman.