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Upcoming Ethical Fashion Designers To Watch

Ready to discover some of the ideas behind the next generation of ethical fashion designers? This week is Graduate Fashion Week and with sustainable fashion being a hot topic, it's no surprise that conscious fashion dominated the rails of many upcoming designers. Check out our latest post to find out which designers made the cut according to Georgina Wilson-Powell form Pebble Mag

Why Is It So Hard To Shop Sustainably?

Happy Halloween ! We all want shop sustainable but what stops us from doing so? For many of us the main hurdle may be price so this blog post takes a look at how we can shop sustainably without putting too much pressure on your purse strings and almost whether or not sustainable fashion will ever really become affordable. Click the link to read more! 

Do It Better... Real Fur vs Faux Fur

For people in fashion fur has always represented the epitome of luxury. Fur used to be a constant feature on the runways of our favourite designers or casually draped across the shoulders of favourite celebrity. So, it’s only natural that we covet fur like crazy. But with all dark side of the fashion industry increasingly coming to light, let's look at faux fur alternatives.