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In a world where we are told almost everything is bad for us, dairy has officially been added to the hit list of big, bad nasties with milk in particular being swapped out for plant based alternatives such as almond milk, tiger nut milk, rice milk, coconut milk… the list goes on. But what exactly are the benefits of Mylk vs Milk and why are people making the switch? In this article I talk about some of the different types of plant based mylks out there and the benefits each one provides.

We Need To Talk About... Our Relationship With ‘Smear Tests’

The other day in the mail I received what has now come to be known as the ‘dreaded letter’, if you are a woman in your twenties then you may know exactly what I am talking about. I am indeed referring of course to our invite for a smear test or what it’s more pleasantly known as now, a cervical screening.

For years, the number of women attending their triennial cervical screenings has been declining. Considering the importance of smear tests in the early diagnosis of cervical cancer and the rate of women avoiding their examinations higher than ever, it is important that we break down the main reasons why women are skipping on our trips to the nurse’s office