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Plastic Free July

How did your plastic July go? For many of us we wonder what the next steps are after we have swapped to reusables (bags and cups) and avoided plastics in supermarkets, which is why this post lists some of our favourite books that help us to explore the way we view our relationship with plastics. Each book takes on a different perspective regarding plastics, whether it’s following a true life story how one woman kicked her plastic habit, the history of plastics and how they came to be or how plastic has been used to empower communities - every read is unique!

We've Declared It... The War on Plastics

Looking around my house right now, plastics are everywhere. How do we avoid them at this point? Even by making conscious decisions to limit our plastic consumption, it seems like we simply can’t get away from them. This post is all about the effect that plastics are having on the planet and what actions are being taken in order to win this ongoing war.