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What Does It Mean To Be An Activist?

The power of the internet and social media means that everyone has ability to be activist or more accurately for most people, a social media activist. But does this new-found access to your so-called voice mean that the definition of ‘activist’ has become somewhat diluted? In this article we explore what it means to be an activist in todays modern society and highlight some of the big themes that are causing people to take a stance for what they believe in.

We've Declared It... The War on Plastics

Looking around my house right now, plastics are everywhere. How do we avoid them at this point? Even by making conscious decisions to limit our plastic consumption, it seems like we simply can’t get away from them. This post is all about the effect that plastics are having on the planet and what actions are being taken in order to win this ongoing war.

The #freeperiods Campaign

When it comes to that time of month, many of us don’t like to talk about it. Just the thought of our period (yes, I said it) fills us with dread. For the unlucky among us it causes excruciatingly painful cramps, for others it causes us to run to the loo way more than we would ever like to admit, either way it’s an uncomfortable time for any woman where we never quite feel ourselves and absolutely can’t wait to get over. The availability of feminine hygiene products is never a thought that crosses my mind which is where the #freeperiods  campaign comes in.  A campaign headed by 18 year old Amika George who says girls on free school meals should get free sanitary products, yet the Conservative government have done nothing about it. To highlight the issue, she's organised a peaceful protest in London and is calling on Theresa May to eliminate period poverty.