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International Women’s Day 2019

Today marks International Women’s Day – a global celebration of women and the movement towards gender equality. With the momentum of the #MeToo movement still going strong, a record number of women, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, Jahana Hayes, Rashida Tlaib, Sharice Davids, and Veronica Escobar elected into US congress during the 2018 mid-terms and women fighting for their rights now more than ever, this International Women’s Day is even more special and important.

This year’s theme, #BalanceForBetter, however goes a step further and calls for a more gender-balanced world. Living in the Western world, where women are given the freedom to be very vocal about their entitlement to equality, it is difficult at times to remember that this is not the case worldwide.

The #freeperiods Campaign

When it comes to that time of month, many of us don’t like to talk about it. Just the thought of our period (yes, I said it) fills us with dread. For the unlucky among us it causes excruciatingly painful cramps, for others it causes us to run to the loo way more than we would ever like to admit, either way it’s an uncomfortable time for any woman where we never quite feel ourselves and absolutely can’t wait to get over. The availability of feminine hygiene products is never a thought that crosses my mind which is where the #freeperiods  campaign comes in.  A campaign headed by 18 year old Amika George who says girls on free school meals should get free sanitary products, yet the Conservative government have done nothing about it. To highlight the issue, she's organised a peaceful protest in London and is calling on Theresa May to eliminate period poverty.

How It Feels To Be A Woman At Night

I'm sure any ladies who read this can relate. As a woman, I won't lie to you, sometimes I feel scared when walking home alone at night. It doesn't matter if I am walking for 2 minutes or 20, I am scared. Don't get me, wrong, I live in a safe suburban area but I still acknowledge that it is a very real possibility that one day with no warning at all something could very bad could happen to me. With all the news stories we hear about rape and sexual assault, let's look at what it really feels like to be woman alone at night.

Is Birth Control Sexist?

I remember when I was considering the getting the hormonal implant one of the questions during my initial consultation was 'Were you in any way pressured by your partner into getting this form of contraceptive?' My first thought was 'wtf, seriously?!' but then I thought well, doesn't that really say it all, we really do live in a society where the type of (or lack there of) contraception we as women use is really governed by men.

As women, a lot of pressure to guard against unwanted pregnancies rests on our shoulders, is it fair - no, of course not but is it the reality yes. In this article I discuss the importance of reading around different types of hormonal conception and most importantly ensuring that you make a decision that YOU, yes YOU are happy and comfortable with. This is not a a lash out against hormonal contraceptives, just simply highlighting that they are not to to be something taken lightly because after all our 'body is a temple' right. 



Chimamanda Ngozi Transwomen Backlash

Last month, Chimamanda Ngozi faced backlash over comments that she made regarding the extent to which transgender women fit in with the definition of what it means to be a woman. Although her comments were seen as controversial to some, Chimamanda has opened up an important discussion on what does it means to mean to be a woman.