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Frenchie's Birthday & Cooking Classes At Jamie's Cookery School

Frenchie's Birthday & Cooking Classes At Jamie's Cookery School

Seeing as Summer always seems to be packed full of birthdays, I can't wait to share some birthday ideas with you in preparation for some special days ahead.

Last weekend was my Boyfriend's birthday and I had plenty of treats up my sleeve to make the day as special as possible!

After a long lie in and some breakfast in bed we headed off for some afternoon tea at Laduree. We've been a so many times now that I'm pretty sure that I'm close to knowing the menu off heart by now but.... the macaroons are just so hard to resist!

To make the day a little bit more special I made sure that I called a few days in advance to ensure that we would be able to snag a seat on the terrace which looks over Covent Garden square which, is usually full of crowds out to watch the weekend performer.

After enjoying a lovely afternoon sunning ourselves on the terrace and eating to our hearts content in deserts, the real surprise was in store!

I booked us a special lesson in Jamie Oliver's cooking school, located in Westfield London. The kitchen itself is beautiful, the kind of kitchen I definitely lust over. 

We were signed up for a Vietnamese street food class which meant pork buns, spring rolls and pho were in order!


The lesson is broken up into two parts. First, the chef (who was brilliant, we couldn't ask for anyone friendlier or funnier!) gives you a run through of the first half of the lesson - teaching you some great culinary tricks along the way and then lets you have it. 

I have to say the chef makes it a lot easier than it looks!

Afters 30 minutes or so of attempting to replicate the chef's work, you're called over to learn how to put the final touches on your dish!

Ours involved topping off our noodle dish with a delicious Pho which had been cooking since the early hours of the morning specially for us.

After an afternoon full of cooking you're left to enjoy the fruits of your labour with all the other couples that are equally as lovely as the food!

I hope this has given you some great ideas for the Summer, whether it's for a birthday treat or just some general fun!



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