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Look Good, Do Good

Look Good, Do Good

I thought that I would share some of my favourite brands that I have discovered since working at Positive Luxury. Let me know if any of you guys have tried these brands before and what your thoughts were on them. Or if you haven't bought any of these products in the past, does knowing that they are pursuing sustainability goals make you more likely to buy from these brands in the future? As always let me know what you guys think in the comments below because I would love to hear from you!


Inspired by artisans in Morocco, Abury brings together the immense handicraft heritage of the moroccan people and new emerging cultures to create designs with an exciting 21st century twist.

Founded in 2008, Abury creates beautifully handcrafted products ensured to create a positive impact. Through the Abury Cycle, the company works closely with village communities to not only preserve local traditions but ensure that they also have equal access to education.

This way for every product bought consumers are involved in Abury's journey towards making a postpositive change.

SEP Jordan

SEP creates one of a kind ethical fashion accessories known for their intricate embroidery, stylish patterns and elegant style. Influenced by Islamic and Moorish culture, each stitch tells a magical story about the talented artisan behind it.

SEP channels this passion into providing consumers access to beautiful ethical fashion accessories whilst also empowering less fortunate women with personal and economic stability.

SEP has not gone unnoticed, the Alhambra Collection was recently featured in Harpers Bazaar Arabia and Marie Claire Arabia highlighting how SEP's promise of providing mutual happiness to consumers and wider society holds is holding true.

Pembe Club

Imagine a piece of jewellery that could prolong life...

Pembe Club aims to do just that with each piece of jewellery holding that exact message. True to their motto 'designed to make a difference' Pembe Club has a commitment to preserve endangered African wildlife, the inspiration behind their craftsmanship.

After witnessing the wide spread poaching of wildlife across the African plains, Pembe was created in a vow to make a positive change towards protecting endangered African species.

Each piece of jewellery holds this message and carries it across the world, one wearer at a time to build a community that believes in the protection all wildlife.

Elephant Ignite Expedition 2016 - Pembe Club

In August a group of inspiring women embark on a 10,000km journey across 10 African countries to raise awareness for the wildlife crisis occurring with African elephants. By visiting a number of organisation dedicated to the preservation of African elephants these women, with you help, want to truly make a difference in the world of elephant conservation. You can support the 'Women for Wildlife' campaign by donating to the cause using the link below. All funds go towards elephant beneficiaries in an effort to save these beautiful creatures from extinction.


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