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How To Help Victims Of The Recent Natural Disasters

How To Help Victims Of The Recent Natural Disasters

This post isn’t to talk about climate change, this post is simply to highlight the devastating natural disasters that have affected out planet in the past few weeks and how we can help the people who have suffered as a result.

With everything going on in the world now regarding natural disasters, I feel that it’s only right that a post is dedicated to how we can help the recent hurricane and flooding victims that have been affected across the globe.

Many organisations have rushed to provide aid to people in need and whilst I encourage that you donate as each gift makes a difference, if you are unable to simply sharing donation links and raising awareness helps during times of crisis. Below, I’ve listed key facts and figures about some of the key disasters that are currently occurring and how you can help. Please do be careful when donating online, as unfortunately in times like this people still try to take advantage of others and have set up scam sites. So please check that your payment is made securely (the padlock in the URL on the payment page) and from a reputable site.



Nigeria flood 1.jpg

Nigeria has been victim to many floods in the past. In 2012 Nigeria suffered floods across 30 of its 36 states with hundreds of people dying and two million left homeless.


Unfortunately, I didn't find any donation links that were trusted but please do continue to use UNICEF to make general donations to Nigeria


Suleja (Niger State), Victoria Island, Lekki and Ikoyi


Rainy season hit Nigeria heavily this year and lasted much longer than expected. In combination with faulty drainage systems, flooding caused many buildings to collapse and cut electricity to several homes.

The numbers:

Kano – 12 people killed, 30 hospitalised

100 houses submerged under water

Adamawa state – 23 people killed, 2,500 people displaced

Kogi – 10,000 people displaced as homes are destroyed



Sierra Leone Mud Slide 1.jpg


The mountain town of Regent, located 16 km from the capital


The mudslide was triggered by heavy downpours of rain which are common in Sierra Leone, however this year the rainfall was three times more than expected.


Street Child

The numbers:

Up to 500 dead, within that figure at least 109 children are among those killed

600 people missing

Bodies left outdoors due to lack of space in the Freetown morgue



Harvey 1.jpg

Hurricane Harvey is the first hurricane to make a major impact in the United States since 2005 hurricane Wilma. The hurricane has so far caused catastrophic flooding, displacing thousands of people across the country.


Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

World Vision

Salvation Army

Red Cross


Windward Island, Suriname, Guyana, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Yucatan Peninsula, the southern and eastern United states especially Texas and Louisiana


Whilst the cause of the storm is largely attributed to climate change due to global warming, urban development has also been suggested to have played a role in furthering the devastation of the hurricane. Urban development has led to up to 25,000 acres of wetlands being lost in Houston (one of the most affected areas) reducing the areas ability to retain water flows which leads to water build up. Additionally the extraction of oil and groundwater from underwater aquifers (porous underground rocks that store water) have created breaks in the ground that are subject to ground collapse.

The numbers:

Texas, US

300,000 people left without electricity

69 fatalities as of September 6th and expected to rise

30,000 displaced

185, 000 homes damaged

9,000 homes destroyed


Aransas County, US

30-40 remain unaccounted for


Houston, US

14 fatalities as of August 29th

25 to 30% of Harris County is submerged



Electricity outages in Christ Church, Saint Joseph, Saint Lucy and Saint Michael Provinces

Bridges in Saint Andrew and Saint Joseph damaged



Several public buildings damaged in



Irma 1.jpg

Irma has caused unbelieveable amounts of destruction in the past few weeks, you cannot open a newspaper without coming across the devastation that Irma has caused across the Caribbean and United States. Irma is the most intense hurricane recorded in the Atlantic since hurricane Dean in 2007, so it is only to be expected that Irma has disrupted the life of thousands putting many at risk.


World Vision

Red Cross



Cape Verde, Leeward Islands(especially BarbudaSaint BarthelemySaint Martin and the Virgin Islands), Greater Antilles, Turks and Caicos IslandsThe BahamasEastern United States (especially Florida)

The numbers:

Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy

Swept away buildings and submerged roads and cars leading to an island wide blackout

4 people killed

50 injured

95% of buildings damaged

60% of buildings completely inhabitable

According to CEDIM a minimum of $950 million worth of damage has been been caused due to destruction by Irma

Sint Maarten (Saint Martin’s Dutch half)

70% of houses demolished or severely damaged causing residents to seek public shelters

2 people dead

23 injured with 11 of those injuries considered serious

Estimated that $1.2 billion is required to restore the destruction


Widespread destruction of homes and schools

90% if roads impassable

$190 million worth in losses has been estimated

Rest of Leeward Islands

8,000 homes left without running water

Trees blown onto roads

Virgin Islands

Destruction to roads and buildings

Puerto Rico

Fishermen nearby to hurricane’s lighting strike burnt

2 people dead

In Loiza, 79 homes destroyed

More than 1 million residents with no access to power

Dominican Republic and Haiti

Bridge connecting both countries destroyed

55, 000 soldiers deployed to help with clean up efforts

2, 721 homes damaged

Mudslides, flooded croplands and damaged infrastructure largely reported across Haiti

Turks and Caicos

Blue Hill neighborhood severely affected


39 buildings destroyed

10 deaths

One of the costliest hurricanes to hit Cuba

United states – Florida

31 deaths across the state

730, 000 people without power in Miami Dade county

2.6 million homes without power

No flights

Severe flooding in areas



Jose 1.jpg

Hurricane Jose, alongside with Irma and Harvey was one of the hurricanes to affect the Caribbean Islands in the past few weeks. Whilst Jose’s damaged has been more contained than the other two hurricanes, it caused irreversible damage to the island of Barbuda destroying 95% of the island.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find a reputable link for these donations but when I do I will be sure to update the post.


Bahamas and Bermuda

The numbers:

Destroyed 95% of Bermuda

9 shelters opened,  housing 17, 000 people

Although men stayed behind, women and children tried to flee the island

Evacuation ordered from Bahamian islands likely to be affected by the hurricane

Pinch me, I'm an Entrepreneur

Pinch me, I'm an Entrepreneur

Are We Really Making A Difference?

Are We Really Making A Difference?