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What Does It Mean To Be An Activist?

The power of the internet and social media means that everyone has ability to be activist or more accurately for most people, a social media activist. But does this new-found access to your so-called voice mean that the definition of ‘activist’ has become somewhat diluted? In this article we explore what it means to be an activist in todays modern society and highlight some of the big themes that are causing people to take a stance for what they believe in.

Introducing You To Our New Section... 'SOMADINA meets...'

I am very excited to announce that a new section has officially launched on the blog called ‘SOMADINA meets…’

Since starting this blog, I have met so many inspirational people who are doing many amazing things either within their communities and/or globally through their actions or sharing their stories.

It is always said that you never know how your words or actions affect those around and after hearing about what so many of the people I have come to interact with do, I had to share their stories with you.

You can read the first interview with Cassine Shop on the blog now! Let me know what you think and which brand for people you would love us to get in contact with!

We've Declared It... The War on Plastics

Looking around my house right now, plastics are everywhere. How do we avoid them at this point? Even by making conscious decisions to limit our plastic consumption, it seems like we simply can’t get away from them. This post is all about the effect that plastics are having on the planet and what actions are being taken in order to win this ongoing war.

How To Help Victims Of The Recent Natural Disasters

With everything in the news lately regarding all the natural disasters that are occurring, we think that is only appropriate that we decide this post to disaster victims and how to help them. Please take care when donating online as unfortunately some people still choose to take advantage of the situation by posted potential scams. I have included the links to some trusted websites but please do remain alert.

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

Hello, Friday!! Woo, woo! So far the weekend looks like it's going to be a scorcher which means summer dresses and shorts at the ready. The hot weather also means that you've probably started to reassess your summer wardrobe, with most of the clothes you bought last year not making the cut this year. In that case, this post is perfect for you! Read here about how to get rid of your old clothes sustainably and even make some money along the way!

What Does Trump Pulling Out of the Paris Agreement Mean For the Rest of Us?

On June 1st President of the United States, Donald Trump, made the announcement that the United States would no longer support the Paris Climate deal.

Given Trump's previous skeptical attitudes towards the validity of man made global warming, it comes as no surprise really that one of his earliest actions as President was to withdraw the USA from the Paris Agreement set fourth to lower emissions and take on greener policies in order to reduce global warming to an optimistic 2 degrees.

What does Trumps decision mean for the rest of us and further still the environment? As the the second largest contributor to carbon emitter, Trump's withdrawal is well, a pretty big deal. Trump's action signal to the rest of the world that  he doesn't care about reducing emissions and at the point isn't even bothering to pretend to care about reducing them i.e. he doesn't give thatch of a f*ck about the Planet.

The Disappearing Coral Reef

For years scientists have been warning us about the declining state of our coral reefs due to damaging human activities such as climate change, pollution and overfishing. Regardless we are still continuing to lose coral reefs at an alarming rate. Read here to see how climate change is negatively impacting the world around us and what can be done to reduce the risks that it poses.