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Treat Your Mum This Mother's Day Using Our Kind Guide!

Treat Your Mum This Mother's Day Using Our Kind Guide!

It's Mother's Day on Sunday and with International Women's Day just behind us, there is no better reason to give Mum a double treat this weekend. 

Below I've complied a list of perfect gifts for Mum, all from companies pursuing sustainability initiatives whether socially or environmentally. So in some way or another, your purchase contributes to a good cause and has the added benefit of making Mum happy - a win-win for everybody!

If She's a... Beauty Goddess

Farmacy Beauty

Farmacy Beauty has been one of our beauty favourites for a while. By working with local farmers, Farmacy ensure that their key ingredients remain top notch and are cultivated in a way that is good for the planet. Our favourite products are from their Honey Collection made using honey from their very happy and healthy VIBs (very important bees). Inspired by nature, Farmarcy are always on the look out for new natural ingredients to fuse into their products.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 13.49.06.png


Kiehl’s always delivers when it comes to skin care and can definitely satisfy all of Mum’s skin needs, whether she is looking for hydration or just a deep cleanse, the Kiehl’s range will definitely have something for her. Not only are Kiehl’s working on their environmental sustainability by reducing their water consumption and carbon emissions, they also ensure fair conditions and wages for workers across their supply chain. Plus with Kiehl’s offering a free product for every 10 bottles that you return to them how can you resist!

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 13.50.30.png

If She’s a… Jewellery Buff


We recently discovered Scandinavian brand Norrfolks and we are definitely better off for it! Specialising in minimalistic styles, Norrfolk believe that fine jewellery should be affordable and sustainable without compromising on quality. Norrfolks source the finest materials in a responsible way and only work with manufacturers that commit to ethical working conditions. For Mums who love a little bit of sparkle, Norrfolks will provide you with the perfect gift!

Kind guide Norrfolks 2.jpg
Kind guide Norrfolks 1.jpg

If She’s a… Fashion Diva

There are so many fashion brands that we are absolutely in love with and if you follow the blog on Instagram you probably already have a good idea of what some of our most loved brands are! Every Mum as their own independent style so rather than torturing you and ourselves by trying to narrow the choices down, here are some of our favourite fashion brands that Mum is sure to love!

Irwin Garden

With classic, timeless pieces Irwin Garden is a great place to pick up a gift for Mum that she’ll treasure in her closet.

Irwin Garden Collection

Irwin Garden Collection

Brother Vellies

Whether you're trying to find the perfect shoes or bag for Mum, Brother Vellies is a great one-stop shop! With each item hand-made in South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Morocco each piece not only supports communities in those regions but also maintains the sprit of their African heritage and culture.

Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies

People Tree

By purchasing the majority of their fair trade products from marginalised producer groups in the developing world, People Tree prioritise the pursuit of economic independence for everyone in their supply chain to provide local communities with more control over their environment and independence.

Kind guide People Tree.jpg

If She’s a… Foodie

Clerkenwell Kitchen

Sometimes there is nothing better than treating Mum to a good, tasty meal. One of our favourite places is the Clerkenwell Kitchen. Founders, Emma and Laura focus on using organic ingredients, free range meat to create tasty meals that are both proudly British and seasonal.

Kind guide Clerkenwell kitchen.jpg

If She’s a… Travel Fan

Soneva Kiri Resort

If you plan in treating Mum big this Mother’s Day, there is no better place to start than at the Soneva Kiri Resort in Koh Kood, Thailand.

The beautiful, eco-friendly resort offers a combination of environmentally friendly design and authentic Thai experiences whilst providing you with a touch of luxuries. If you have always wanted to explore the hidden beauties of Thailand, Soneva Kiri offers the perfect opportunity. Surrounded by lush, vibrant tropical vegetation and white beaches, fringed with palm trees, the resort has been tastefully and cleverly designed to complement the landscape and blends seamlessly into the outstanding natural beauty. Soneva Kiri epitomises the Soneva concept of 'Intelligent Luxury'. 

Kind guide Soneva Kiri.jpg


Wildfitness has a unique provision of holistic wellbeing for their audience, with sustainability at the heart of every step. Wildfitness believes that nature and evolution are the most powerful teachers. By looking back to our origins and applying the lessons that evolution has taught us, we can be truly fit and healthy today -- even with the pressures that modern life places on our bodies and minds.

Kind guide Wildfitness.jpg
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