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The Beauty Industry vs Sustainability

Beauty is a huge industry and was estimated to be worth approximately $532 billion dollars in 2017 and is showing no signs of slowing down, as it is estimated by a market research firm (Zion Market Research) to be valued at up to $863 billion dollars by 2024. Whilst, sustainability seems to be successfully penetrating the fashion industry, the beauty industry has been slightly less scrutinised in the sustainability spotlight. One of the things that makes conscious beauty hard, is that when it comes to skincare or best products we have such specific needs and preferences. When you take skin concerns into consideration along side with finding a product that is suitable for your skin type or shade, sustainability can slowly slide down the list of priorities.

SOMADINA meets.... Cassine

I am very, very excited to introduce our first (of many) SOMADINA meets posts! For our first interview were lucky enough to be joined by the lovely mother, daughter duo behind Cassine - Jennifer and Mia Page.

Since opening their online store this year, Cassine already stocks some of the most popular natural products in the market like RMS beauty, making it your perfect one stop shop from all things good for you and the planet. With their strong focus on the future of their island, Bermuda, and the oceans Cassine donatES a proportion of all their sales to the Living Reefs Foundation, an NGO dedicated to the conservation of Bermuda’s coral reefs. Find out more about them in our latest interview!

Treat Your Mum This Mother's Day Using Our Kind Guide!

It's Mother's Day on Sunday and with International Women's Day just behind us, there is no better reason to give Mum a double treat this weekend. 

Below, I've complied a list of perfect for Mum all from companies pursuing sustainability initiatives whether socially or environmentally. In some way, your purchase contributes to a good cause and has the added benefit of making Mum happy - a win-win for everybody!