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SOMADINA meets... Marieke Eyskoot

It is very exciting to introduce you all to Marieke Eyskoot in this edition of SOMADINA… meets. Marieke is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert who through her 15 years of work in the industry has helped put conscious living on the map. 

Many of you have probably already heard of Marieke after binging on her book ‘This Is A Good Guide For - A Sustainable Lifestyle’. Marieke’s book gives a clear and comprehensive guide on how to pursue a sustainable lifestyle, whether you’re a sustainability veteran or a newbie. I couldn’t wait to chat with Marieke about all things conscious lifestyle and how sustainability not only affects the environment but also our mental well-being.

Introducing You To Our New Section... 'SOMADINA meets...'

I am very excited to announce that a new section has officially launched on the blog called ‘SOMADINA meets…’

Since starting this blog, I have met so many inspirational people who are doing many amazing things either within their communities and/or globally through their actions or sharing their stories.

It is always said that you never know how your words or actions affect those around and after hearing about what so many of the people I have come to interact with do, I had to share their stories with you.

You can read the first interview with Cassine Shop on the blog now! Let me know what you think and which brand for people you would love us to get in contact with!

SOMADINA meets.... Cassine

I am very, very excited to introduce our first (of many) SOMADINA meets posts! For our first interview were lucky enough to be joined by the lovely mother, daughter duo behind Cassine - Jennifer and Mia Page.

Since opening their online store this year, Cassine already stocks some of the most popular natural products in the market like RMS beauty, making it your perfect one stop shop from all things good for you and the planet. With their strong focus on the future of their island, Bermuda, and the oceans Cassine donatES a proportion of all their sales to the Living Reefs Foundation, an NGO dedicated to the conservation of Bermuda’s coral reefs. Find out more about them in our latest interview!