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How To Make The Most Of Your Commute

Commuting can really take its toll on our physical and mental well being.

The average person travelling 1 hour to get to work, we spend an average of 520 hours a year commuting. Yep, that’s 520 hours of our time every year just moving from one place to the next. It doesn’t help that living in London trains and buses tend to be extremely crowded during rush hour, which can really out you in a sour mood by the time you finally get to work. This is is why we have put together a list of some the best ways to overcome your commuting blues!

Introducing You To Our New Section... 'SOMADINA meets...'

I am very excited to announce that a new section has officially launched on the blog called ‘SOMADINA meets…’

Since starting this blog, I have met so many inspirational people who are doing many amazing things either within their communities and/or globally through their actions or sharing their stories.

It is always said that you never know how your words or actions affect those around and after hearing about what so many of the people I have come to interact with do, I had to share their stories with you.

You can read the first interview with Cassine Shop on the blog now! Let me know what you think and which brand for people you would love us to get in contact with!

The Hazel Perspective... A Journey About Adoption

When my friend Caroline first told me she was adopted, I didn't necessarily have a reaction. I wasn't shocked, I wasn't surprised, to me she was still the Caroline that's become of my best friends over the past 4 years but this isn't about me. This is about Caroline and the several other adoptees who have gone through this experience and are brave enough to find out more about their past and share their stories. 

The #freeperiods Campaign

When it comes to that time of month, many of us don’t like to talk about it. Just the thought of our period (yes, I said it) fills us with dread. For the unlucky among us it causes excruciatingly painful cramps, for others it causes us to run to the loo way more than we would ever like to admit, either way it’s an uncomfortable time for any woman where we never quite feel ourselves and absolutely can’t wait to get over. The availability of feminine hygiene products is never a thought that crosses my mind which is where the #freeperiods  campaign comes in.  A campaign headed by 18 year old Amika George who says girls on free school meals should get free sanitary products, yet the Conservative government have done nothing about it. To highlight the issue, she's organised a peaceful protest in London and is calling on Theresa May to eliminate period poverty.

Why Is It So Hard To Shop Sustainably?

Happy Halloween ! We all want shop sustainable but what stops us from doing so? For many of us the main hurdle may be price so this blog post takes a look at how we can shop sustainably without putting too much pressure on your purse strings and almost whether or not sustainable fashion will ever really become affordable. Click the link to read more! 

Pinch me, I'm an Entrepreneur

When you look up the definition entrepreneur online, you get a lot of generic responses, which may be true but don't seem personal. As some of you may know, I started my own home business in May selling homemade, organic lemon curd. Since then, I've worked really hard to create the perfect recipe and get it out there! Starting a business is HARD and I really want to use this entrepreneur series to share my journey with you guys. You can also follow my business journey on @somashomemade on twitter and instagram.

Is Birth Control Sexist?

I remember when I was considering the getting the hormonal implant one of the questions during my initial consultation was 'Were you in any way pressured by your partner into getting this form of contraceptive?' My first thought was 'wtf, seriously?!' but then I thought well, doesn't that really say it all, we really do live in a society where the type of (or lack there of) contraception we as women use is really governed by men.

As women, a lot of pressure to guard against unwanted pregnancies rests on our shoulders, is it fair - no, of course not but is it the reality yes. In this article I discuss the importance of reading around different types of hormonal conception and most importantly ensuring that you make a decision that YOU, yes YOU are happy and comfortable with. This is not a a lash out against hormonal contraceptives, just simply highlighting that they are not to to be something taken lightly because after all our 'body is a temple' right. 



Well, actually Charlotte I'm 24 and think I'm pretty much f*cked

Last week I turned 24 and after having what can easily be referred to as a mini life crisis where I thought I was doomed and had already failed at life. i realised it's really not that deep and actually Im pretty bloody happy with where I am, So, if you too get moments where you catch a glimpse of yourself halfway through a Netflix binge, thinking what the hell am I doing with my life - then this article is for you to know that just because you're a year older doesn't mean that your 'adult hat' has to be on all the time, that it's ok to sit back and enjoy the ride.