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Why Vegan Nail Polish Is A Better Choice

Vegan nail polishes offer a natural and safer alternative to conventional brands and give you a finish that is just as good, but without the harmful chemicals that other brands include and of course do not engage in animal testing. Whilst not necessarily considered mainstream, vegan nail polishes are not overly difficult to come by, with some big-name brands like Barry M (with their Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint) providing vegan alternatives available in many high-street stores. Although vegan nail polishes tend to be slightly more expensive than other nail polish brands, consumers are recognising the huge impact that beauty products are having on our internal health and are willing to accept the slightly higher price tag.

So, what’s available on the market that you can get your hands on? Check out our post for some of our recommended vegan nail polishes!

Vegan Restaurants In London

Vegan has been a buzzword for a little while now but for good reason! After watching what the health, we’ve been a bit more conscious of what we eat and tried to opt for vegetarian or vegan options when we can. So, we decided to list some of our favourite vegan restaurants in London for those of you that fancy a meat (and diary free) week. 

Check Me Out On Delikate Rayne!

Read about my exciting new venture as a regular contributor to Delikate Rayne (DR), a sustainable fashion brand that produces vegan based clothing. Delikate Rayne recently reached out to me about becoming a writer for their online based blog about all things sustainable but with a cool fashion twist! Although I am now also a regular contributor to DR I will still be posting like crazy on so be sure to subscribe!