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Hemp That... How Hemp Can Shape Your Sustainable Lifestyle Needs

Hemp has always been seen as the cornerstone of sustainability. 

Hemp based products have always acted a as signal to the world that you are embracing a sustainable lifestyle, the only problem is that many of us still associate hemp with burlap sacks and bad interpretations of boho chic. We know some of you may think that no way there is no way that you could bring yourself to shop hemp because of all the fashion faux pas that it represents, which is why we are sharing with you some other ways that you can incorporate hemp into your lifestyle.

Is Green Friday The New Black Friday

In the lead up to Black Friday today many brands have announced that they are not taking part in Black Friday sales and instead are putting a twist on the day and embracing what is now known as Green Friday. This is a new movement that has emerged that encourages us to move away form the overconsumption that Black Friday brings and instead appreciate what we currently own.

When You Can't Decide What to Buy... Be A Conscious Consumer

We’ve all been in that situation before where we’re out shopping and so many things catch our eye that before we know it our shopping basket is full, and we’re met with a bill that has a figure so high, we start to seriously consider whether it is possible to live off only baked beans for the next month in order to afford it all. One thing that I have recently tried to consider when making purchasing decisions, when I'm stuck for choice, is the sustainability angle of the company.