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Upcoming Ethical Fashion Designers To Watch

Ready to discover some of the ideas behind the next generation of ethical fashion designers? This week is Graduate Fashion Week and with sustainable fashion being a hot topic, it's no surprise that conscious fashion dominated the rails of many upcoming designers. Check out our latest post to find out which designers made the cut according to Georgina Wilson-Powell form Pebble Mag

Are We Really Making A Difference?

We've probably all had that one person who says 'what's the point, you're not going to change anything.' Not only does such a comment anger you, as it does me, but it also makes you begin to question (even if it is a few days later) - do my actions make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things? Read more on the blog

Check Me Out On Delikate Rayne!

Read about my exciting new venture as a regular contributor to Delikate Rayne (DR), a sustainable fashion brand that produces vegan based clothing. Delikate Rayne recently reached out to me about becoming a writer for their online based blog about all things sustainable but with a cool fashion twist! Although I am now also a regular contributor to DR I will still be posting like crazy on so be sure to subscribe!

What Does Trump Pulling Out of the Paris Agreement Mean For the Rest of Us?

On June 1st President of the United States, Donald Trump, made the announcement that the United States would no longer support the Paris Climate deal.

Given Trump's previous skeptical attitudes towards the validity of man made global warming, it comes as no surprise really that one of his earliest actions as President was to withdraw the USA from the Paris Agreement set fourth to lower emissions and take on greener policies in order to reduce global warming to an optimistic 2 degrees.

What does Trumps decision mean for the rest of us and further still the environment? As the the second largest contributor to carbon emitter, Trump's withdrawal is well, a pretty big deal. Trump's action signal to the rest of the world that  he doesn't care about reducing emissions and at the point isn't even bothering to pretend to care about reducing them i.e. he doesn't give thatch of a f*ck about the Planet.

The Disappearing Coral Reef

For years scientists have been warning us about the declining state of our coral reefs due to damaging human activities such as climate change, pollution and overfishing. Regardless we are still continuing to lose coral reefs at an alarming rate. Read here to see how climate change is negatively impacting the world around us and what can be done to reduce the risks that it poses.